Louis Breton illustrations of the 72 demons of Ars Goetia from Dictionnaire Infernal Baal’s actually the root of Beelzebub (Baal Zebub, ‘Lord of the Flies’, in rabbinical texts; Click here for the full set of Breton’s inspired demon designs.
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Morticia Addams, Carolyn Jones
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Wasco Clowns

In the town of Wasco, California, people are dressing up as clowns and walking around in the middle of the night. They are some of the creepiest looking clowns I have ever seen. No one knows exactly who they are and why they are doing this.

They also have an instagram that has some ominous/spooky captions going on.

My brother was locked up in wasco. Scary area

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I can almost feel the vibrations of this water fall
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Pretty in pink
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Malin Dybvad
Trondheim, Norway
Nikon EM

Where are your favourite places to explore in Norway? Tell us a little about them.

Bergen is the prettiest city on the country. It’s full of rain, art, nice people, colorful umbrellas and beautiful flowers. It’s also surrounded by seven small mountains, which makes it so foggy, green and just so gorgeous. It’s a city in the middle of nature.

Jotunheimen national park is the home to the talles mountains and a lot of glaciers here in Norway. It has a lot tourism, but it doesn’t kill the charm. It has small lakes, rivers, plenty of waterfalls and tall mountains that almost always has snow. It’s the heart of this country, and also what triggers our nationalism. It makes me feel so small and insignificant, but it makes me feel free in so many ways.

Lindesnes is a small town at the point furthest down south here. It has a famous, beautiful lighthouse, and you can se the ocean and all it’s powers, with the waves crashing and hugging the shore. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, and I love going back there.

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mostly nature
mostly nature


I don’t want summer to end 😔 Ig- @just.tuna
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That last gif tho

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